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Data4Life is a scientific research project for India.

The Data4Life goals, research aims, health surveys, and informed consent have been reviewed and approved by the Indian Council on Medical Researchers and ethics committee. This is the organization in India that oversees the formulation, coordination, and promotion of biomedical research. 

Data4Life is a research study and can not provide direct medical advice. We recommend that you contact your health care provider about specific illness. 

Data4Life was designed with the following ethical values in mind: 

Social and Clinical Value
Data4Life aims to improve human health. That mission is one of the noblest causes to achieve. The value of the Data4Life dataset will be of enormous value to improve human health. 

Scientific Validity
The surveys used in Data4Life are based on scientifically validated measures. These tools are used across various different clinical and health research projects in other leading countries.

Fair Subject Selection
Data4Life is open to any individual aged 18+, who is a resident of India, who agrees to consent to participating in English, and has access to the internet. There are no other exclusion criteria such as gender, marital status, income level, or geographic location within India. 

Favorable Risk-Benefit Ratio
By participating, there is benefit to the individual in the form of best-in-class medical tips. There is a small risk to personal and/or health data. We take data security and privacy seriously. View our privacy policy.

Independent Review
 has received the approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR).  

Informed Consent
For any individual to enroll in Data4Life, they must agree to the consent provided upon registration. This informs the individual about the research project, what is involved, how long it will last, any risks and benefits, how their data may be used, and how to withdraw. 

Respect for Potential and Enrolled Subjects
Data4Life is working with individuals who agree to participate to improve health. The mission of the project is based on mutual respect. 

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